Our Process


  • SFS Travel will send you our Trip Planning form to start the process. 
  • Additionally, we will send you our agency's client agreement form with terms and conditions for working with our agency as your Travel Advisors.  Your electronic signature is required.
  • Upon receiving and reviewing the completed form, SFS Travel will contact you to set up your complimentary one hour planning session.


  • To become acquainted, learn more about your travel preferences and to review your planning form with you.
  • SFS Travel will send you a customized quote for our non-refundable professional fee which covers the work we do to  research, design and reserve your travel adventure, based upon the scope of work for your trip.


  • As soon as your professional services fee payment is made, we will begin working on an outline of your trip based on the information in your responses to the trip planning form and from the complimentary session.
  • With your feedback, we will turn the the outline into a proposal  for the dream trip you expected. Once the proposal is approved by you, we will begin the booking process.
  • Based on the terms of the supplier, you will be required to make a payment to hold your reservation.  We will send you a credit card authorization form for the required amount.
  • We will provide destination information, travel insurance quotes and other travel tips.


  • We will host a call with you and members of your party to review details and provide some travel tips from our travel experiences.
  • We will provide you with a detailed itinerary tool, our TRIPS PLAN APP which has a Chat feature.


  • We are available via email to assist with challenges that may arise. We also use WHATSAPP for communication.


  • We would love to hear from you and learn about your travel experience.
  • We also are always interested in your feedback on our services.
Our Services and Fees
What we do for YOU!

Custom Itinerary Package Professional Fee
We will design a custom itinerary package for you which can include:

  • Complimentary one hour phone call or virtual session to get acquainted and learn more about your upcoming travel experience after completion of our Trip Planning form by you.
  • Research and design of your trip's plan
  • Preparation of your proposal.  Once accepted, this includes two revisions to the approved proposal.
  • Researching to find the perfect match with respect to supplier to book your reservations.
  • A multi-city/destination tour that is tailored specifically to your desires (not prepackaged)
  • Cruise, resorts or hotels, escorted packages, rail vacations.
  • A phone Trip Plans app (Android or iPhone) that can be accessed even if you are offline with your trip's details as well as copies of confirmations and travel insurance policies.

The non-refundable Professional Fee is dependent upon the complexity of your trip plans and the number in your travel group party.

Concierge or Special Services Fee
if you need assistance with all those special details that make your trip a memorable experience, we can help

  • Tours, activities, restaurant recommendations, self-guided exploration tips, special requests for your hotel or cruise...all of the finishing touches

The non-refundable Concierge fee is dependent upon the complexity of your trip plans and the number in your travel group party.

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