Our Services
What we do for YOU!

To create the best possible experience, we will design a custom itinerary package for you:

  • Schedule a complimentary one hour phone call or virtual session to get acquainted and learn more about your upcoming travel plan.  You will need to complete our Trip Planning form.
  • Research and design your trip package, finding the perfect match with respect to suppliers to book your reservations.
  • Prepare your trip proposal.  Once accepted, this includes two revisions to the approved proposal.
  • Reserve, when requested, a multi-city/destination tour that is tailored specifically to your desires (not prepackaged)
  • Book reservations for cruise, resorts or hotels, escorted packages, rail vacations.
  • Provide you with our phone Trip Plan APP (Android or iPhone) that can be accessed even if you are offline with your trip's details as well as copies of confirmations and travel insurance policies.

Professional Fees for the Custom Itinerary Package

There is a non-refundable Professional Fee for the services as described above, starting at $150.00.  The fee is dependent upon the complexity of your trip plans and the number in your travel group party. It will be determined after the complimentary planning session.

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